Vol. I makes way for a new album

As you may know from social media profiles BLACKMASS MAFIA has decided to take an overdue break from the road, Alex will be persuing his studies in the recording arts which leaves a huge hole in the line up. DJ will be settling into a new home in the coming weeks and Mikke has been helping to produce a new web series with EVision Productions founder Eric Robb. This has left BLACKMASS MAFIA in a lurch with all three members scattered and a new drummer needed to replace Alex.

It has been decided that Vol. I WAR MACHINE will be laid to rest and put in the vault for safe keeping, this does not mean that BLACKMASS MAFIA ceases to live. As you read this Mikke Nugent is wrtting all new material for an as yet unnamed BLACKMASS MAFIA album. During the production of Vol. I Mikke stockpiled riff tapes and finished demos for what was to be Vol II, DJ has also been writting material as well. It is unknown if the band will return to live performances as the cost of travel has gone up and the money from club dates has gone down (we're looking at you club owners and talent buyers), but the production of BLACKMASS MAFIA's music will never cease.

It is unkown if DJ and Mikke will even reunite for the as yet unnamed album but the option is always there. It is said Michael Rivera will once again take up the helm of Producer on this new album and has been helping Nugent produce the demos that will make up the tracklist for the record.

Updates are sure to follow soon on developments and we urge you all to sign up for the news letter and join the band in all of its social media outlets linked in the links section above.




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Corrosion of Conformity w/ BLACKMASS MAFIA

Today we are pleased to announce that BLACKMASS MAFIA will be opening up for the legendary Corrosion of Conformity, COC's accolades range from being the home base of Down guitarist Pepper Keenan and releasing multiple gold and platinum albums, to touring with Metallica.

"It's  is a complete and utter honor to be picked up to play for guys we grew up listening to our whole lives."- Mikke Nugent

Please check back soon for more info on how you can see these two great bands plus many more at Mojo 13 Wilmington De, on August 17th.


Delays and NEW Target date!

Today we are pleased to let everyone know that the new targeted release window for Vol. I WAR MACHINE will be August 2013.


We unfortunately missed our original targeted date of April 20th 2013 due to a hectic schedule of tracking, gigging, and shooting for our documentary "Building The Machine". We have decided to take the extra time to refine the material and release the best possible record we can possibly put together.


All pre-orders will still be valid and new ones will be taken with a special download code for an extra track.


Well we "released" Vol.I WAR MACHINE a couple weeks ago, only we have no fukin copies to sell. Two fold problem here 1. we went almost right until April 20th finishin up edits and stupid shit. 2. our distro company failed to tell us they needed a months notice before a release can be sent out due to pressin issues that can arise in the pressin process. We are hugely sorry and will probably blame the next drummer hahaha. Either way we aim to have copies readily availavble right here for physical purchase or digital download. We will also be sellin copies at our next string of shows so go look over to yur left and see if we're comin to yur town next. Like i said, we fukd up, our distro fuk up, but what can yea do. Also a huge announcment comin soon in the next couple of week so keep it locked here and on all that poser ass social bullshit.

Studio Update/ Tour Machine 2013

Hey its Nuge yo! We're comin dangerously close to April 20th and the release of Vol.I WAR MACHINE and we can't fukin wait to bring this album to you all. Its really startin to become a mixed bag of emotions for myself and DJizzle, at times we're relieved to almost be done with the process and other times we're bummin out knowin that we will be leavin the Cave. That's ok we'll get back to that in a minute, like I said we're close, we have only very small things to finish up and its all over. Myself and Michael "Miggy" Rivera have taken Vol. I to the mountain sonically and with DJ and my own performances are nothin' short of immaculate, this album is unstoppable. Like I said we're all bummin out leavin the cave but we're stoked to bring the album to you all and to play it live in yur town. After the release of Vol.I WAR MACHINE we will be headin out on the road for the next year to promote the record on our first tour Vol.I TOUR MACHINE. We will be hittin every market that we possibly can to bring our brand of heavy music to everyone and anyone, none of this would be possible without all of you who have stuck with BLACKMASS through thick and thin and to a few special people who have allowed us to do what we love. These people are as follows - Pops and Gram Nugent, Hilly Rae, Miggy Rivera, and obviously FMIF Records. All of these people have been amazin and instrumental in lettin three scumbags realize what they have worked so long to achieve. March 1st the world will be able to bare witness to our long journey to April 20th 2013, with the release of the first trailer for our upcomin documentary Building The Machine "Cave Flood". We thank you all from the bottom of our collective chali and want you all to make it to Mojo 13 in Wilmington De. for those who cant make it we will be streamin the party live over the internet. April 20th will be full of surprises and shit like that so stay tuned right here...biotch

Building The Machine

- Press Release -

Today we are pleased to announce a new and exciting project, FMIF Records presents in association with EVision Productions - BLACKMASS MAFIA Building The Machine. Building The Machine is a documentary focused on FMIF Records recording artists BLACKMASS MAFIA as they record their debut album Vol.I WAR MACHINE at Mutha Cave Studios as well as follows the band in many other excursions that unfold during the process. Building The Machine will be released in June of 2013 and the first trailer "Cave Flood" will release March 1st 2013 exclusively on www.blackmassmafia.com

Filming started in mid 2012 and chronicles what an independent band must do to survive the perils of today's music industry while they record their debut album and tour behind it. This will be the first in a series of full featured documentaries featuring BLACKMASS MAFIA. Pre-sales will start April 21st 2013. 

For more information please direct any inquiries to fmifrecords@ymail.com

- Press Release - 1/1/2013

TREVSOE, PA - January 1, 2013 - Today  FMIF Records would like to announce information on the long awaited debut album from recording artist BLACKMASS MAFIA, Vol. WAR MACHINE. Vol.I WAR MACHINE contains 12 original songs from the new kings of underground heavy metal. In February 2013 the first single from Vol. I WAR MACHINE, "WAR MACHINE" will be made available to the press, media, internet and traditional radio outlets around the world. "WAR MACHINE" will be made available for digital purchase as well only through www.BLACKMASSMAFIA.com. At 12am Saturday April 20, 2013 (ES time USA) Vol. I WAR MACHINE will be made available in its entirety for purchase globally in both digital and physical formats. In the second week of February 2013 a pre-order will be made available to purchase Vol. I WAR MACHINE. Pre-order bonuses are available to the first 100 orders of either digital or physical purchases. As the weeks progress these bonuses will be revealed by BLACKMASS MAFIA themselves via www.BLACKMASSMAFIA.com and various social networking sites.

"We are amped to be releasin Vol. I WAR MACHINE on our projected date, and to finally be bringing our debut album to the world. Its been a huge journey and tested us as musicians, friends, family, and as a band as a whole. This record has been years in the makin' and its almost here."  - Mikke Nugent

Recording for Vol. I WAR MACHINE started in March of 2012, at Mutha Cave Studios in Trevose PA, produced by Mikke Nugent and co-produced by Michael S. Rivera, the production marks the debut album of BLACKMASS MAFIA but also the first release from the independent record label FMIF Records.

"In a day where the internet provides unprecedented and amazing opportunities in the music industry, we strive as an independent recording label to usher in only the finest of underground music through our wonderful partners and roster. Our partnership with BLACKMASS MAFIA is on the cusp of what we at FMIF Records expect to be of the most fruitful of artist and label relationships." - Patricia Holiday - A&R FMIF Records

For more information about BLACKMASS MAFIA or Vol. I WAR MACHINE please visit www.BLACKMASSMAFIA.com or www.facebook.com/blackmassmafia.

For more information on FMIF Records please email FMIFRecords@ymail.com

Studio Update 9/22/12

As the months have past on BLACKMASS MAFIA have been makin many changes behind the scenes while preparing for full on recordin for their debut on FMIF Records, Vol.I WAR MACHINE. Some of these changes have been in the production team filmin the on goins for an documentary, many gear changes for each band member, and the addition of Associate Producer Michael "Miggy" Rivera.

With trackin well underway the boys have also been gearin up for live dates. Next Friday night keep an eye out for a video update from the boys exclusively right here.